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New Zealand is a picturesque country that boasts breathtaking landscapes, warm and welcoming locals, a pleasant climate, and a rich tapestry of cultures that embrace visitors from all corners of the globe. With its stunning natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage, New Zealand has become a beloved tourist spot for many. However, it is not just a vacation hotspot; it also offers fantastic opportunities for work, education, and business ventures. Whether you are seeking employment, hoping to pursue higher education, or looking to establish a thriving business, New Zealand provides a favorable environment to thrive in. Its combination of natural wonders, friendly communities, and a thriving economy make it an ideal destination for those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding life experience.

mountains covered with snow near road
mountains covered with snow near road

We acknowledge the fact that each individual has their own distinctive circumstances. This is why we dedicate our time to fully comprehend your specific needs, situations, and aspirations before offering tailored advice on visa matters. With our extensive knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with New Zealand immigration policies and visa application procedures, we are committed to assisting you throughout your immigration journey. We are here to provide guidance and support at every stage, ensuring that you have the necessary information and resources to make informed decisions. Our goal is to help you navigate through the complexities of the immigration process and achieve a successful outcome.

New Zealand provides a diverse range of visa options to cater to various requirements, allowing individuals to stay temporarily or permanently. Whether you intend to visit, work, study, or engage in business or investment, our team of immigration advisers will support you throughout your immigration journey in New Zealand. We offer guidance from the initial stages until the completion of the process. Moreover, we specialize in handling intricate immigration issues such as medical or character concerns, as well as immigration appeals and complaints. With our expertise and assistance, we ensure a smooth and successful immigration experience in New Zealand.

Whether you are a tourist, student, or intending to relocate permanently, we can provide you with the right visa solution. New Zealand is a beautiful country with diverse landscapes and friendly people, and we are excited to help you embark on your journey here. Contact us today to begin your visa application process and let us be your partner on this exciting adventure to New Zealand!


A visitor visa allows individuals to travel to New Zealand for various purposes, such as visiting friends and family, exploring tourist attractions and engaging in adventurous activities. Additionally, it permits attending business meetings and job interviews, as well as studying for a maximum of 3 months. To qualify for this visa, it is necessary to have enough financial resources to sustain oneself throughout the stay. Moreover, if applicable, one can include their partner and dependent children in the visa application. However, it is important to note that working in New Zealand is prohibited for visitor visa holders.

man and woman standing beside concrete seawall looking at beach
man and woman standing beside concrete seawall looking at beach

Citizens of one of the approximately 60 countries that have visa waiver agreements with New Zealand typically do not need a visitor visa to enter the country. Instead, they are required to obtain a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) from the official NZ Government website. Once issued, the NZeTA is valid for a period of 2 years and allows for multiple entries into New Zealand. Additionally, holders of the NZeTA can stay in the country for a maximum of 3 months during each visit.

New Zealand offers a variety of special visitor visas to cater to different situations. These include visas for academics, entertainers, media professionals, and businesspeople. Additionally, there are visas available for parents who wish to accompany their children while studying in New Zealand. Moreover, there is a long-term visa option that allows parents and grandparents to visit their New Zealand citizen or resident children or grandchildren. With such a wide range of visa types, individuals can choose the appropriate visa that aligns with their purpose of visit. Whether it is for academic pursuits, entertainment engagements, or family reunions, New Zealand provides suitable visa options for various categories of visitors.


A student visa in New Zealand provides numerous educational opportunities, ranging from primary and secondary schooling to university, vocational training, and English language studies. However, it is crucial for students to genuinely intend to study and have sufficient funds to cover their course fees and living expenses. To progress with their visa application, students must obtain an offer of enrollment and meet the required academic and English language entry criteria. In most cases, student visas allow part-time work of up to 20 hours per week during studies and full-time work during holiday breaks. Depending on the level and type of qualification attained, it is also possible to obtain a work visa after graduation. Studying in New Zealand not only opens doors to various job opportunities but also provides a pathway towards obtaining permanent residence in the country.

four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table
four people watching on white MacBook on top of glass-top table


Before one can work in New Zealand, it is essential to hold a work visa or another visa that permits work. There are various types of work visas available, and the main type is the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV). To be eligible for an AEWV, you must have a full-time job offer from an accredited employer, meet the required payrate, and possess the necessary skills and/or qualifications for the position. An accredited employer is one who has obtained approval from Immigration New Zealand to hire migrant workers. With an AEWV, you are authorized to work solely for your employer, within the designated role and location specified on your visa. Starting from November 2023, the AEWV can be issued for a duration of up to 5 years.

person in black leather jacket holding brown and black hiking shoes
person in black leather jacket holding brown and black hiking shoes

In most cases New Zealand businesses are required to advertise any vacant position nationwide before considering candidates from overseas. However, if no suitable applicants apply, businesses have the option to become an INZ Accredited Employer and connect with international candidates. If you possess the necessary qualifications and experience to fill one of these vacancies and receive a job offer from an Accredited Employer, you are in a favorable position to obtain the Accredited Employer Work Visa. In order to apply for this visa, it is mandatory to have a job offer from an Accredited Employer. This visa is valid for up to five years and, in certain cases, can even lead to permanent residency in New Zealand.

There are several other types of work visas available in New Zealand. One example is the post study work visa, which allows international students to work in the country after completing their studies. Another type is the specific purpose work visa, which is granted for project-related or secondment work. Additionally, there are working holiday visas that allow younger individuals from over 40 countries to both holiday and work in New Zealand. These visas provide opportunities for individuals to gain valuable work experience, explore the beautiful country, and immerse themselves in the local culture. Whether it is for study, projects, or a holiday adventure, New Zealand offers a range of work visa options to suit different needs and interests.

Some work visas in New Zealand not only allow you to work in the country but also enable your partner and dependent children to obtain visas to accompany you. Additionally, certain work visas provide a pathway to permanent residence after you have worked in the role for a period of 2 years.

Moreover, if you are in a partnership relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident, you may also be eligible for a work visa. These visas provide an opportunity for individuals to work, live, and potentially settle in New Zealand, creating a life filled with new opportunities and experiences.


If you are looking to reunite with your family members in New Zealand, there are various visa options that cater to different family relationships. These options include visas for the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident, dependent children, and parents. Whether you are a spouse wanting to join your partner, a child wanting to join your parents, or a parent wanting to be with your child in New Zealand, there is a specific visa category that suits your situation. These visa options aim to facilitate family reunification and ensure that loved ones can be together. It is important to understand the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for each visa option to ensure a smooth and successful application process.

3 women standing near green trees during daytime
3 women standing near green trees during daytime

If you are in a genuine and stable relationship with a New Zealand citizen or resident, you have the opportunity to apply for a partnership-based visitor or work visa. This visa allows you to visit or work in New Zealand while being with your partner. Additionally, if you have been living together as a couple for a minimum of 12 months, you may be eligible to apply for a partnership residence application. This means that you can potentially become a resident in New Zealand based on your partnership. This pathway is designed to support and reunite couples, allowing them to build a life together in New Zealand.

Dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residents who want to reunite with their parents in New Zealand have the option to apply for a visitor or resident visa. In cases where a residence application has already been submitted, they may also apply for a student visa. It is a requirement for at least one parent to be permanently residing in New Zealand. Additionally, dependent children of individuals holding work or student visas may also be eligible to apply for visitor or student visas. The definition of a "dependent" child varies based on the child's age and the specific visa application being made.

If you are a parent or grandparent of a New Zealand citizen or resident, you have the opportunity to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa. This visa allows you to visit New Zealand multiple times within a span of 3 years, with each visit allowing you to stay for a maximum of 6 months. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend quality time with your family in New Zealand and explore the beautiful country. Whether you want to attend special family events or simply enjoy a vacation, this visa provides you with the flexibility to visit your loved ones and create lasting memories. Take advantage of this visa and create unforgettable experiences with your family in New Zealand.

If your child, who is a citizen or resident of New Zealand, permanently resides in the country and earns a specific income, you may have the opportunity to submit an Expression of Interest under the Parent Category. However, it is important to note that this process operates on a lottery-based system with an annual limit, and there is no assurance that your application will be chosen at any given time.

If you meet the criteria of having an income of 60,000 New Zealand Dollars per year, possessing assets worth 1.5 million New Zealand Dollars, and being able to transfer and invest 1 million New Zealand Dollars to New Zealand for a duration of 4 years, you could potentially qualify for residence under the Parent Retirement Category. This category offers an opportunity for individuals to retire and live in New Zealand. By fulfilling the specified requirements, you can apply for this type of residence and enjoy the benefits of living in a beautiful and peaceful country like New Zealand. However, it is important to ensure that the provided information is accurate and meets the set criteria to increase the chances of a successful application.


New Zealand provides excellent opportunities for skilled individuals, those seeking to reunite with their families, or those interested in investing or starting a business. The country offers a great environment to work and live in. There are various pathways to obtain residence in New Zealand, which are categorized into different streams. These streams cater to the specific needs and circumstances of individuals. Whether you possess in-demand skills, have close family ties, or wish to invest in a business venture, New Zealand offers a range of options to achieve your goals. With its welcoming and inclusive society, beautiful landscapes, and high quality of life, New Zealand is an ideal destination for those looking to establish themselves and create a fulfilling future. We can define the following major residence streams:

  • Skilled Migrant Resident pathway

  • Green List pathway

  • Care Workforce and Transport Sector Agreement pathway

  • Active Investor Plus

  • Parent

  • Parent Retirement

  • Partner

  • Dependent Child

woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt carrying girl in blue and white dress
woman in black and white striped long sleeve shirt carrying girl in blue and white dress

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